Episode 40 – Christopher Columbus Sucks w/ The Vocal Fries

Episode 40 – Christopher Columbus Sucks w/ The Vocal Fries

Its Episode 40 of The Podcasting Couch!

My guests this week are Carrie and Megan, hosts of the Vocal Fries podcast, podcast about linguistic discrimination. Learn about how we judge other people’s speech as a sneaky way to be racist, sexist, classist, etc. Carrie and Megan teach you how to stop being an accidental jerk.

This week we discussed the meaning of linguistic discrimination, geeking out on different languages, finding different topics in the scope of linguistic discrimination, and more.

Music this week is provided by Her Name Echoes, the song is called On Your Own.

Her Name Echoes is a larger-than-life rock band from Tucson, AZ. We deliver a unique music experience and energetic live performance with infectious, anthem-style choruses and punchy, rhythmic verses.

The Vocal Fries can be found at






Her Name Echoes can be found at







Cover Art by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

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