Episode 39 – We’ve Come A Long Way w/ Color Me Dead

Episode 39 – We’ve Come A Long Way w/ Color Me Dead

Coming to you via the magic of the internet it is episode 39 of the podcasting couch, a podcast in which I your host, Chris Carlson, sit down with content creators and discuss their lives, inspirations, methodology, and anything else that may come up during the conversation.

My guests this week are Angel and Nikki, hosts of The Color Me Dead Podcast, a podcast Bringing you stories about serial killers. What lead them to it, all the gritty details within it, and a splash of dark humor to cope with it.

This week we discussed picking topics in a broad subject, navigating a saturated market, how to balance heavy research with family, and a lot more.

Music this week is provided by Meet The Robots, the song is called Storming Out (In My Mind).

Meet The Robots, classic pop-punk dudes from Liverpool, England, known across the Galaxy for their energetic live shows, catchy hooks and for advising Lord Vader against that particular Death Star design. Formed in 2013, their debut album, Heartaches and Tea Breaks, was released on May 4th 2015 (mainly to tie in with Star Wars Day). Since then the band have been playing every sketchy bar and cantina in the Galaxy, and have released music videos for ‘Giving Up’ and ‘Box’. Their second album, Ignore This, was released on 1st June 2017.

In October 2017 they were selected from hundreds of bands to support Reel Big Fish and Mad Caddies on their Fireball UK tour. They are currently recording their next album whilst trying to perfect space travel.

Color Me Dead can be found at






Meet The Robots can be found at







Cover Art by Maarten van den Heuvel Follow
on Unsplash

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